Camarillo Solar Power Company Becomes Another Anecdote For Why CA is a Job-Killer

Power-One Solar Inverter

A local solar power company, Power-One, announced this week that it is expanding operations in Arizona, not California, making the Camarillo tech company another anecdote for why California is a job-killer state.  Prognosticators said after AB32 passed green and clean energy companies – like solar energy technology corporations – would flock to California.  Here’s what Power-One CEO Richard Thompson had to say about that … “Arizona is where the solar corridor is in this country, and it is really attracting industry,”

California will be the last, not the first state to emerge from the recession if we don’t roll back regulations, lower taxes and prevent frivolous litigation.  Start by voting for Proposition 23 and suspend AB 32.  It’s time to level the playing field with other states like Arizona, show that California can compete, and start creating jobs here, not in Phoenix.  Power-one is making a prudent business decision.  This news is not the company’s fault, it’s Sacramento’s fault.

“Phoenix wants to be known as the Silicon Valley of solar,” he said. “The state made it very attractive for us to be there.” – Power One CEO Richard Thompson.
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CA Assembly Republican Leader Pushes Hard for Candidate Jeff Gorell

California Assembly Republican Leader Martin Garrick (AD-74 Carlsbad) has broadcast his strong support for Jeff Gorell, candidate for State Assembly in the 37th District.  Garrick composed a letter calling upon Republicans to unite behind Gorell and support his primary campaign with a donation.  Jeff Gorell is a small business owner and Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

Click here to read the letter of support for Jeff Gorell:

Click on the image of this letter to read it in entirety!

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Jeff Gorell’s Assembly Campaign Lauded in Pacific Coast Business Times

Gorell's Assembly campaign lauded in Pac Biz Times this Week

Gorell's Assembly campaign lauded in Pac Biz Times this Week

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